Development Services

Europe is becoming a new and strong partner for Canadian projects.  In Mitos Production we have the expertise to help you develop your idea and your project so that it can meet funding requirements and standards to attract partnerships in Europe. 

At Mitos Productions we can provide expertise in all aspects of development. European  funding opportunities are now open to Canadian filmmakers and producers, but what kind of projects are ideal for such collaborations? What kind of materials are needed for your application to meet with success? Who to approach in Europe? We can help you plan your strategy, organize your material,  and adjust it to meet European needs.

We invite you to send us your projects in any form and at any stage to help you pinpoint the “heart” and the backbone of your story as well as the strengths and the weaknesses of the storyline.  We can provide you with the tools to reach solutions and maximise the artistic and commercial dimensions of the project while listening carefully and responding to your needs.