Our team

Effie Skrobolas


Upon finishing her film studies in Canada at the Université de Montréal, Quebec, in 2005, Effie Skrobolas began collaborating with Costas Lambropoulos in the field of film production.

A member of the Women in Cinema and Television Association (WIFT GR), she has over 15 years of professional experience and has worked closely with a variety of Greek and foreign talents in domestic and international film projects.

She has participated in professional training programs for producers like EAVE,  Marketing and Distribution (Spain), the Maia Workshop (Italy, Germany, Poland) and the Sources 2 Projects and Process- Training the Mentors workshop (Germany). She also teaches Film Production at the  IEK AKMI Film Institute

Since 2010 she has been responsible for the development of all film and creative projects of View Master Films while at the same time networking with creators on a global scale and the participation of films in Festivals, Markets and funding programs. Her most recent film projects include .dog by Yianna Americanos, A Pure Place by Nikias Chryssos, Sisters Apart by Daphne Harizani and 1821, Wind of Freedom by Stelios Charalambopoulos.

In 2019 she founded her own production company Mitos Productions www.mitosproductions.com based in Canada, which specializes in the production of original content for new media (applications, social media) in the fields of history and education like the application Routes and The Flower Of Smyrna (Instagram project in development).

Effie Skrobolas uses her personal experience in the film and global audiovisual industry, in an effort to encourage the creativity of a new generation of filmmakers. At the same time, through her active action and participation as a member of the Women in Film and Television Association (WIFT GR), she supports the empowerment of female voices and promotes equality in the industry.


Christina Katsiadakis

After graduating with a BA in history and a masters in production in 2004, Christina began her career in film and television production, occupying various positions, while pursuing her personal projects. Her credits include numerous films, television productions and international productions filmed in Greece. She moved to Montreal in 2012 and, along with Effie Scrobolas, founded the Montreal company Mitos Productions.